Obzor still hoping for relaunch

Although the last issue of Ukraine free daily Obzor was published on 24 December 2008, the last editor Joeri Svirko still hopes that a new company will step in and relaunch the paper.

Svirko started as editor in June 2008. In 2008 the market share of the paper that was launched in 2007 increased substantially while the paper tried to be politically independent, which is pretty hard in the Ukraine.

Dutch owner Telegraaf Media Group (TMG) decided anyway to close down the paper. In De Nieuwe Reporter Josja Zijlstra of TMG said that distribution is difficult, the economy not very transparent, the market complicated and advertising revenues low.

Svirko would want a new Obzor with less pages, a leaner business model with less people and in cheaper offices. A new Obzor would have no website either because it’s impossible to make money with internet according to Svirko.

3 Responses to “Obzor still hoping for relaunch”

  1. Yuri Svirko Says:

    May I clarify that the new (relaunched) Obzor will have no website for some time only because (1) TMG has already killed its heavily invested obzor.ua and (2) the old Obzor had been making money on paper ads only.

    We will eventually launch e-Obzor with PDFs and main articles only and will think about a full-fledged website later.

    And I wonder why Obzor’s distribution is difficult. Nothing can be easier.

  2. Yuri Svirko Says:

    Not only Mr Svirko hopes to relaunch Obzor:


    TMG has terminated publication of the free Obzor newspaper. Discussions are being held with a number of parties wishing to relaunch the paper.

  3. Yuri Svirko Says:

    The new Obzor has been registered on 19 February 2009 by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The minister Mr Mykola Onischuk has signed a certificate No КВ N14900-3871Р for Obzor-gazeta (Review-newspaper) founded by Yuri Svirko.

    In the meantime the closed Obzor (officially registered as Gazeta Obzor) is going to sack its whole staff on 24 February but the local Pechersky district court in Kyiv may suspend the sackings on 23 February. The lawsuit had been filed by Yuri Svirko ‘in the interests of Gazeta Obzor’s editorial team’, as the ruling dated 16 February and signed by the judge Ruslan Kozlov reads. The court’s ruling also reads that Mr Svirko should provide until 25 February a document proving he is the editor-in-chief of Gazeta Obzor. The document was provided on 19 February.