The city council of the Swiss town of Berne has allowed free papers in the city to place boxes until the end of 2009.

Because the city council is still not satisfied with the way the papers have solved the litter problem the permit is only for one year.

Every paper can have a maximum of 80 boxes, the cost is ChF 500 (€335) per year.

There are three morning papers in Switzerland: 20 Minuten, .ch and News, and one evening paper: Blick am Abend. Apart from that also free business daily CASH is distributed in business centres.

20 Minuten has a total of 3800 boxes in Switzerland (also in the French speaking part), News 3000 boxes, Blick am Abend 800 boxes and .ch 2000.

On the picture (click for bigger version) the ‘multirack’ developed by Ringier were all papers fit in. (Persoenlich / Klein Report / picture: Blick am Abend.

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