Baltimore Examiner closes down

The free Baltimore Examiner will publish its last issue on February 15. The paper was launched in April 2006 as the third edition of the Examiner-chain, owned by Denver billionaire Philip Anschutz. Other editions are in San Francisco (2003) and Washington (2005).

According to paid competitor the Baltimore Sun, more than ninety people will lose their job as a result of the closure. The closure will not affect the other editions, the internet portal of the paper will also cover Baltimore in the future.

Anschutz’ Clarity Media Group tried to find a buyer for the Baltimore edition but during this recession no company wanted to buy the free tabloid. “This is very disappointing for all of us. Obviously, this is not what we envisioned when we launched the newspaper” Clarity Chief Executive Officer Ryan McKibben said in a letter sent to Examiner staff.

The Baltimore Examiner had a circulation of around 130,000. In 2008 the distribution system was changed. Instead of delivering the paper door-to-door in affluent neighborhoods, home-delivery was cut down to two days a week, while the paper was available in boxes on other days.

More on the problems of owner Philip Anschutz on the free-daily blog.

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