First free weekly in Ghana

The Gazette, the first free daily distributed in Ghana, will celebrate its second anniversary in March 2009.

The paper counts 16 pages, and claims a readership of 30,000. The Gazette is published by “The Gazette Ghana¬† limited”. Fui Gameli Segbedzi is the director of the paper.

Distribution in through hotels, offices, shopping malls, governments offices, filling stations,

According to the Press release:

The target market of the Gazette is mainly, but not restricted to urban dwellers with at least tertiary education, employed in white and blue collar jobs such as advertising, marketing, financial services, the civil service or running their own businesses. This demographic is an economically powerful one and the one most given to spending. Also included in the target demographic are returnees and expatriates living and working in the country.

One Response to “First free weekly in Ghana”

  1. Nii Says:

    the gazette stands tall in quality among many
    newspapers in Ghana. i was attracted to it last year
    when i was providing some service at the WOOLTHWORTHS
    outlet in Accra.

    the paper’s layout is unique and the print quality is
    captivating. such a paper is too good to be free in