London Lite position unclear

Despite the words of DMGT’s Martin Morgan in the Guardian: “we keep printing London Lite”, the position of free daily London Lite is far from clear.

The Alexander Lebedev Evening Standard deal apparently does not include the sale of London Lite. But the paper actually uses resources from the Evening Standard. This means that without this support – and without joint advertising – operating London Lite will be more expensive. The way out – except closing down the paper – would be that Lite teams up with free morning paper Metro.

One Response to “London Lite position unclear”

  1. fui gameli segbedzi Says:

    it would have been more prudent to have sold both the lite and the evening standard together. especially when they share resources and benefits- advertising, marketing( cross selling),editorial staff( may be) and so on. but the interesting bit would be to look at how much revenue and the expenditure of both papers then you could draw some conclusions from there.having lived in london a couple of years back i must admit the content of metro (if i recollect) is not far from the evening standard. well lets wait and see how it turns out.