Spits loses a dozen jobs

Dutch free daily Spits, part of the Telegraaf Media Group (TMG), will lose 12 jobs in the cost cutting operation TMG is going through. The whole group is cutting 500 jobs in total.

Magazines in Sweden and a free daily in the Ukraine have been sold already (see previous post).

Basismedia, the media group to which Spits belongs, will lose 30 jobs. Of the 12 jobs at Spits, 5 are in the editorial department. Forced resignations will be avoided in most cases. (VillaMedia)

TMG is facing financial problems because of the recession and because the management lost hundreds of millions after a careless deal with stocks in a German commercial broadcaster (see previous post).

One Response to “Spits loses a dozen jobs”

  1. Yuri Svirko Says:

    a free daily in Ukraine have been sold already?

    Obzor has been closed, as well as its biggest Kyiv competitor 15 Minut.