TF1 & Direct8 profit from French TV-ad ban

From this week on, French public TV will have no advertising in prime time. President Sarkozy recently had a new bill accepted whereby advertising on public TV is abolished after 20.00; in two years all advertising will have disappeared from the public channels.

Journalists at the public TV stations, mainly France2, have protested against the move, as they fear even more direct political influence and less income. So far Sarkozy has promised to make up for the missing income in the next two years. The fear of political influence is not far fetched as this is already a main ingredient in French media.

Main profiteers from the new rule are the commercial broadcasters TF1 and Direct8 – who have organized a lobby for the new law. Indirect also free dailies will profit from the deal, TF1 is the 34.5% owner of Metro France while Direct Matin and Direct Soir are owned by Direct8-owner Vincent BollorĂ©, a close friend of Sarkozy.

Newspapers in France will launch a campaign to get some of the advertisers move to newspapers, although the bulk of advertising money will end up with the commercial channels.

(Above left the very nice cover of DirectMatin today – the paper increased the print run in Paris with 50,000 this week.)

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