Vienna free bi-weekly ‘bz’ to Moser Holding

Vienna free bi-weekly ‘bz’ (Wiener Bezirkszeitung), distributed with 23 different editions in the Austrian capital, will be sold to Moser Holding. The Tiroler publisher (Tiroler Tageszeitung, free daily TT Kompakt) will hold 74.9% of the shares, the Austrian Post will keep 25.1%.

The bi-weekly will become part of the new free paper group that Moser Holding is starting together with Graz publisher Styria. Styria operated free dailies in Graz and Klagenfurt until 2007. The new combination is aimed to compete with Austrian market leader Kronen Zeitung.

According to Die Presse other interested parties were Mediaprint (paid papers Kronen Zeitung and Kurier) and the publisher of free daily Heute: Eva Dichand.

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