Live magazine from ‘heute’ to ‘Kronen’

The free weekend magazine Live, launched in March 2007 by free daily heute, is sold to Austrian paid market leader Kronen Zeitung.

The magazine that contains TV-listings and covers celebrities and lifestyle was inserted in the Christmas edition of the Vienna edition of Kronen Zeitung. In February all copies of Kronen Zeitung will contain the magazine on Fridays, meaning a total circulation of 1.2 million. (Der Standard)

The move is probably another act in the war between Kronen 50%-owner Hans Dichand and the other owner, German publisher WAZ.

The ‘free-war’ between them started when WAZ forced Dichand to close down his free daily U-Express in 2004.

Within six months another free daily, heute, was launched, with as CEO Dichands daughter-in-law Eva Dichand.

Who financed the new paper has always been a mystery. Hans Dichand cannot participate in any new paper without the consent of WAZ. The two owners only meet in court (in Switzerland).

A new provocation was the weekly column Dichand wrote for ‘Live’ since 2008 (see previous post). The recent sale could be an extension of Kronen Zeitung, but at the same time it is sponsoring ‘heute’.

Today’s issue even had “heute mit Live” on the cover (left).

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