Metro Poland Research

Free daily Metro Poland (by Agora) carried out a survey among Poland’s 24-34 year old, in which a 1000 people were interviewed.

Joanna Parczynska, director of Agora’s free press division said:

We wanted to understand our target audience better and obtained exceptionally interesting data. We are going to use it in the further development of the title and building the “Metro” brand as a daily for the young generation.

On December 8, Metro published the first weekly editorial cycle based on the results of the research. The subject was the views of the young generation on the crisis, their ability to limit their demands, their views on the labour market and education and their attitude to the political parties.

Further editorial coverage presenting the results of the “Boom Generation” research will appear in Metro in January 2009. A special detailed report will also be published.

The Polish “Boom Generation” consists of almost seven million people in total. The younger people, having freshly completed their education, are just now entering adulthood, while the older are facing the problems it has brought.

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