Where did Nyhedsavisen’s readers go?

In September of this year free Danish daily Nyhedsavisen closed down. In the first six months of 2008 the paper was the best-read newspaper in Denmark. What happened with the readers? Where did they go? Two of three remaining free newspapers profited most – apparently free newspapers compete mostly among themselves.

MetroXpress (Metro International) seemed to have profited the most from the closure. The paper increased readership in September (in August circulation of free dailies is much lower, in July they don’t publish), lost some readers next month but is the best-read paper in November.

Urban is now third, after Jyllands-Posten, and having more readers now than in any other month in 2008.

Third free daily 24timer has now a much lower readership than in the first six months, probably because the paper cut down on circulation.

Also Jyllands-Posten is picking up in readership again, beginning after the summer, although there is a little loss in November.

Other paid papers seemed mostly unaffected. Politiken had a very good October month, but remained stable overall. Berlingske showed in increase in August only.

Tabloids BT and Ekstra Bladet show similar patterns. Both did well in the first six month, but are moving downwards in the last months, except for November.

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  1. Imad Says:

    So why did Nyhedsavisen close? What happened?