Metro closes Bordeaux edition

Metro France will close their edition in Bordeaux in order to bring down costs. Five people will lose their job in the operation. Metro Bordeaux had a circulation of 26,000.

The president of Metro France, Jean-Michel Arnaud, said in Le Monde that it will have no impact on circulation as Metro will distribute the ‘national’ edition in Bordeaux from January on.

This is interesting news, as Metro does not publish a ‘national’ edition in France. Perhaps they will distribute the Paris edition in Bordeaux – this will affect readership, as there are two other local free dailies in Bordeaux.

20 Minutes distributes 28,000 copies of their edition in Bordeaux while also local paid paper Sud-Ouest publishes a free daily: Bordeaux7 (part of the Plus-group), also with a circulation of 28,000.

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