2008: 2% circulation growth

With a growth of 2% in circulation, the 13th year of free commuter newspapers was the worst year ever. In Europe circulation went down with 3% to 26.4m in 2008. Circulation, however, increased in Asia (16%) and the America’s (7%). Growth in the last continent (500,000 copies) could be twice as high if the USA (500,000 copies less; -14%) would be excluded.

Worldwide 20 titles and 49 editions closed down in 2008, with Europe (11 titles, 37 editions) taking the lead. In the the US and Canada 9 titles (12 editions) were closed down. Other continents were not affected.

In terms of circulation drops and closures, the main casualties in 2008 were the Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the Ukraine and the US.

Launches and/or substantial circulation increases were recorded in Italy, Rumania, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Hong Kong, Israel and Egypt.

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