Oldest Metro-paper gets redesign

The oldest Metro in the world, MetrĂ´ News, launched in 1974 in Sao Paolo (Brazil) got a redesign since I last checked the site – which was some months ago. (The old design is below.)

In July 2008 there was a dispute at the paper, which leaded to a strike in August. The problems apparently started when the daughter Roseli and granddaughter Andrea of the late owner Paschoal Thomeu both wanted to gain control over the paper.

But according an article in the Huffington Post (through Guardian’s Roy Greenslade) the paper is back on the streets again, distributing 120,000 copies a day.

Also Metro International (since 2007) and Destak (since 2007) are publishing editions in the city, both claim a circulation of 150,000.

Both Metro and Destak are majority owned by Brazilian companies as foreign ownership is restricted by law in Brazil.

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