Update: Ecuador

More than six years ago, in July 2002, free daily MetroHoy was launched in the capital of Ecuador by the publisher of the paid paper Hoy.

In 2006, a second free daily was launched in Guayaquil, called Metro de Guayaquil. MetroHoy (Quito) disputed the right of the new paper because they thought they ‘owned’ the ‘Metro’ brand in the country. The claim was disputed, also because the MetroHoy-logo in Quito at that time looked rather similar to that of Metro International’s (right). The new blue logo, however, is not that similar anymore (left).

In 2007 Metro de Guayaquil apparently was forced to change the name anyway. It is now called La Calle de Guayaquil. (According to World Press Trends MetroQuil is the successor of Metro de Guayaquil – as the old URL of that paper now redirects to La Calle de Guayaquil this seems to be not correct.)

Also in 2007, the Hoy-group launched their own Metro in Guayaquil as MetroQuil.

In Quito Metro started with a circulation of 100,000, later cut down to 80,000. The latest World Press Trends estimates a circulation of 25,000, based on a readership of 75,000. This actually seems to be too low, as in Latin-America newspapers are usually not shared by other travelers. Also the WPT trends circulation estimates for MetroQuil (10,000) and La Calle de Guayaquil (20,000) seem to be a bit low.

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