Switzerland ‘heaven’ for free dailies

In a discussion on free dailies last Saturday in Luzern, Switzerland was called a ‘heaven’ for free dailies by Marlis Prinzing, media researcher at the Universities of Fribourg and Lugano. Nowhere in Europe so many copies pro person are distributed according to Prinzing.

Are free dailies “a curse of a blessing?”. Prinzing called free dailies “a challenge” although the danger was that they offer “journalism without opinion” and that people who read free newspapers could actually do something “more useful” at the same time.

Sacha Wigdorovits, founder of free dailies 20 Minuten and .ch in Switzerland still saw changes for both free and paid dailies. Paid dailies should concentrate more on quality, background and editorials. (20 Minuten)

The top-position of (German) Switzerland as country with the most free papers pro inhabitant, however, is only taken recently. Before the recent wave of closures, Iceland and Denmark were leading the pack – in Switzerland 4.6 million German speaking Swiss read 1.6 million free dailies a day. In Luxembourg maybe even more free papers pro person are distributed – depending on how you count the French speaking population.

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