Piers Morgan: newspapers should be free

Being a ‘media celebrity’ means you could say pretty crazy things without being really questioned on the issue you’re talking about. Piers Morgan, former editor of the News of the World and the Daily Mirror, and now a TV-personality (is that a real job?) said to the British Journalism Review that all newspaper should go free in the future.

The Daily Mirror would be wise to be the first, if not, it will be ‘killed’ by the Sun when that paper will go free. “I think within 10 years every Fleet Street paper will be free” Morgan added. (Press Gazette)

Morgan of course had no arguments to back it up, except of pointing to circulation data. Maybe free is a model, but it certainly is not the model for all. Going free will mean a totally different business model, with a much smaller staff. And as all free papers tend to compete among themselves, the market would become very crowded. If two London free evening papers cannot make it, how on earth could a dozen free morning papers survive?

Morgan’s last book was titled “Don’t You Know Who I am?” We know now…

3 Responses to “Piers Morgan: newspapers should be free”

  1. Wilf Says:

    Hello. Since Metro International is the only newspaper with its HQ in Fleet Street, in effect there is no need to wait 10 years:
    “every Fleet Street paper is already free”, no? ;-)

  2. Luis Says:

    maybe free, but not in paper :)

  3. Piet Bakker Says:

    excellent point – I probably totally misunderstood Piers Morgan’s argument (or it furthermore shows his total ignorance).