Asian & Pacific market shares

In thirteen countries in Asia and the Pacific area free dailies are published. Market shares differ from less than one percent in Japan and India to more than 50 percent in Israel. In the graph the latest free circulation (November 2008) is compared with the latest known paid circulation (2007, taken from World Press Trends 2008).

For China paid circulation from 2006 is used, as there is no 2007 data. Data has to be treated carefully in Asia as in many countries there is no audited data or only data for some papers. Circulation often means ‘printed’ copies or is only a claims by publishers

5 Responses to “Asian & Pacific market shares”

  1. Andreas Says:

    Do you know what the overall share is? Should be quite low since China, Indian and Japan are the biggest markets in the world, right?

    Thank you as always.

  2. Piet Bakker Says:

    Total circulation in Asia is 347 million according to WPT – and even if this is highly unreliable, which it is – with a little over 8 million free copies distributed in that area, it’s just above 2%.

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  4. Ellicot K. Seade Says:

    I sometimes wonder how countries like Spain and Israel manage free papers since profit is the bedrock of our industry. Here in West Africa, there is virtually no record of free papers.

    Can you tell me how some newspaper houses go about managing free newspapers?


  5. Piet Bakker Says:

    The situation in Spain and Israel seems to be rather different. In Spain only 20 Minutos made money before the recession. All national titles cut back circulation or closed down editions.

    In Israel publishing a free daily seems to be a political issue, with Israel Today, money does not seem to be the problem.