Spits about to team up with weblog GeenStijl

Dutch free daily Spits and one of the most popular weblogs in the Netherlands: GeenStijl, both owned by the Telegraaf Media Group (TMG), are thinking about further cooperation.

Spits works together with GeenStijl on readers’ photos while it merged its website in the beginning of this year with the GeenStijl spin-off ‘NieuwNieuws’ – the new website is called Spitsnieuws.

The main reason for possible new forms of cooperation is the job cuts TMG is proposing. In total 500 people will have to go, 150 of them editorial jobs. So combining work at two brands could result in synergy.

A problem, however, is the reputation of GeenStijl, their motto being “Tendentieus, ongefundeerd en nodeloos kwetsend” (Biased, without proper sources and needlessly offensive). The editor in chief Dominique Weesie said about himself “I’m not a journalist”.

GeenStijl is often called a “shockblog” because of the tone of voice the bloggers use. Paid paper De Volkskrant for instance is called a “nazi-newspaper“. Compared to the comments, however, the stories in GeenStijl are still very decent. The paper might ‘not be journalism’, the comments are more like a sewer.

2 Responses to “Spits about to team up with weblog GeenStijl”

  1. Bart Brouwers Says:

    …sounds like an ideal match. ;-)

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