Optimism in Luxembourg

Good news is hard to find – these days you mostly get the other kind. But in Luxembourg advertisers seem to think that the crisis will actually benefit (free) newspapers.

There are two free dailies published in Luxembourg: L’Essentiel and Point24. The first readership survey by TNS ILRES (October 2007 – May 2008) shows that the papers together have 140,000 readers.

Paid paper Luxemburger Wort had 176,000 readers while Das Tageblatt had 56,000 readers.

Ghislain Ludwig, director of advertising agency Brain & More says in Luxemburger Wort:

2008 was a good year for the agencies in Luxembourg. Notwithstanding the financial crisis the banks have increased their advertising as far as I know. [In a crisis] companies should advertise even more to stimulate demand for products.

Marc Binsfeld (Binsfeld Communication) thinks free dailies profit from the shift to product advertising:

Free dailies reach a new audience: young commuters. Free papers can reach this group very well with promotional campaigns.

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