Coveritlive on website De Pers

Dutch free daily De Pers embeds a fascinating tool on its website: Coveritlive.

Reporters Loek Essers and Peter van der Ploeg are covering the attacks and giving with others a live account using Twitter [update: they are not in Mumbai as I first assumed - see comments].

There is a minute by minute following of the situation, sometimes with photo’s included.

It kept me glued to the screen for quite some time thanks to Dutch media website Rethinking Media (actually a LinkedIn group spin-off).

6 Responses to “Coveritlive on website De Pers”

  1. Loek Essers Says:


    But let’s set things straight. We were on no account in Mumbai. We used the internet. Mainly twitterfeeds with personal and professional story’s along with the news from press agencies. We allso used bloggers and their photo’s.

    However. Peter and Loek remained in Amsterdam and Rotterdam for the coverage.

    Good to hear you liked our experiment!

    Kind regards,

    Loek Essers

  2. Piet Bakker Says:

    I corrected it – sorry for the mistake, I was so taken by the example that I got carried away probably. Seems like De Pers is the only Dutch paper doing this?

  3. Peter van der Ploeg Says:

    Thanks for covering this, Piet.

    I think De Pers is indeed the only one. Who knows? There’s been interest from executives at CNN in Atlanta yesterday night. It seems this experiment might have struck something in newsland.

    Thanks again!

  4. Loek Essers Says:

    Come to think of it. We are attending a little school called School voor Journalistiek in Utrecht.

  5. Piet Bakker Says:

    welll… me too of course: great school, drop by to have coffee! (Or a beer after five, as we have our own bar in the school!)

  6. Peter van der Ploeg Says:

    That’s a date :)