Profile: ADN Colombia

At the Free Press Conference in Barcelona, the recently launched free daily ADN in Colombia was presented by manager Andrea Pulido. She explained that much of the effort of the introduction was directed towards distribution, as there was little experience in Colombia with free newspapers.

Also advertisers were contacted way before the launch and were promised extra discounts if they would shift part of their budgets to the free daily.

The design is similar to that of ADN Spain, which is operated by Planeta, the owner of El Tiempo, the (paid) mother paper of ADN Colombia. The paper is published in four different local editions.

As demand for the paper was high, and the company did not want to print more than 300,000 copies, ADN started a special “pass it on” campaign. Now almost 50% of the readers indeed pass it on to someone else.

Andrea also brought me copies of all four editions, so I could count pages and calculated ad-space (my favorite pastime). All editions counted 24 pages, the number of ad pages being between 3 and 7.

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