De Pers editorial helps wrap

The revelation by Spits editor Bart Brouwers last Wednesday about his free newspaper offering commercial publicity in editorial content in the paper (see previous post) caused some turmoil in the media in the Netherlands.

Some commenters praise his honesty and understanding of the economic difficulties, others think he is being on a very slippery slope downwards.

As was reported, also free daily De Pers had experiences with selling editorial space.

Today the paper added an other chapter. The paper had a full wrap around it paid by the Dutch government (left, click for bigger picture) about its campaign “working for the government”. Happy civil servants were talking on the editorial look-alike wrap about their great jobs.

But it’s advertising… so who cares?

The surprise came on page 3, the real front page (right, click for bigger picture).

The leading picture had the caption “working for the government” while the leading article was: “The civil servant is cool again”.

Helping the advertiser on the front page or just coincidence?

(the pdf of the paper can be downloaded from

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