Link (Virginian-Pilot) shuts down next month

Free youth-oriented daily Link by paid paper the Virginian-Pilot (Hampton Roads, Virginia) will be shut down at the end of the year.

The plan is part of the cost cutting plan by the publisher that involves lowering staff size by 125 people (10% of total). The paid paper will have fewer pages and lose the business section.

Link started in October 2006, had received positive reviews and met financial projections, which predicted it would turn profitable by 2010, according to editor Denis Finley in an article in The PilotOnline, but

“we, as a company, cannot afford to withstand those losses in the next couple of years in this climate.”

Link had a circulation of around 30,000.

3 Responses to “Link (Virginian-Pilot) shuts down next month”

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  2. Scott L. Says:

    very sad…I loved reading the Link daily…

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