Profile: Diari Més

In the basement of the Axa Auditorium where the Barcelona conference was organized last week, there was an exhibition of the free publications in Catalonia. More than 120 different publications were on display. The majority of them weeklies and monthlies although there are more than a dozen free dailies published in the Catalan area as well.

Diaro Més, for instance, is published in 12 different editions, half of them dailies in Catalonia and Andorra. The editions I picked up (Ebre & Tarragona) had both 24 pages, mostly devoted to local information: more than 30% filled with advertising.

Other editions are published in Costa Daurada, La Marxa, Manresa, Reus, Maresme, Terrassa and Sabadell. Total circulation of the dailies is around 70,000.

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