Dawn till Dusk

Normally I am a great fan of the ’skip intro’ option when entering flashy websites. It takes time and memory and often does not look that great.

I would advise, however, to watch the whole scene at the Dawn till Dusk website by Schibsted (Aftenbladet) and Metro International. Also the movies at the site itself are worthwhile.

The new advertising combination (4.2 million daily readers, 60% of population), a ‘Monster’, is scaring the advertising agencies in the movie clips. I don’t know what looks like (Lord of the Rings? Frankenstein? Blair Witch Project?), but it sure does not look like the ordinary newspaper rate card.

3 Responses to “Dawn till Dusk”

  1. Andreas Says:

    Nice website with nice movies. But what I don’t get is how the readership of 4.2 m is calculated. According to your entry on European Readership (http://www.newspaperinnovation.com/index.php/2008/07/01/european-readership/) Aftonbladet has 1,2 m readers and Metro has 1,589 m. Neglecting possible double readers because one is a morning and one an afternoon paper that adds up to 2,8 m. So which other Metro operations are taken into account?

    Thanks as always!

  2. Piet Bakker Says:

    A puzzle indeed, even with Svenska Dagbladet included the combination would have only 3 million daily readers (with double readers). In the last Orvesto research, however, the DtD combination is marked as 4.2 million, so there is data to back it up.

    On the Orveste pdf it says: “D2D: 4 inf i Aftonbladet vardag + 4 inf. i Metropol” probably indicating that you reach the 4.3 million with four ads in both papers.

    The D2D would have a much lower daily reach.

  3. Andreas Says:

    Thanks … But strange nevertheless.