mX readership up and down

Free Australian daily mX has seen its readership go up in Sydney and Brisbane. In Sydney mX now has 105,000 daily readers against 98,000 in the 12 months up to September 2007. In the New South Wales area the Daily Telegraph (1,136,000 readers) and the Sydney Morning Herald (912,000) lost slightly compared to 2007.

In Brisbane mX now has 46,000 daily readers (29,000 in 2007), but this is still less than 10% of the 656,000 readers of the Courier-Mail.

In Melbourne mX lost readers (126,000 compared to 146,000 in 2007). The Herald Sun saw readership increase to almost 1.5 million while The Age lost some readers (738,000 in 2008 – 766,000 in 2007). (Roy Morgan Research)

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