Mittelland edition ‘News’ closed

The Mittelland edition of free Swiss newspaper ‘News‘ will be closed down. The last edition will be published on Friday December 5, exactly one year after the launch of the paper.

News was launched in December 2007 by Tamedia (Tages-Anzeigers, Berner Zeitung) and its partner Basler Zeitung to counter the new free daily ‘.ch’ that was threatening the free market leader 20 Minuten.

News will continue to be published in the other three markets Zurich, Berne and Basle in cooperation with the paid newspapers. These three editions will now also distribute more in the Mittelland area.

According to the Persoenlich story the management is still positive about the paper; it reached 283,000 readers with a initial circulation of 334,000. The Mittelland edition, however, was the largest edition with a circulation of 132,000. It is not yet known how circulation will be affected.

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