UK readers spend little time on free dailies

In the comments on yesterday’s post the actual reading time of UK dailies was referred to. I saw the link on the NRS site but neglected it so far. Interesting material, although it is from 2007.

Metro is read 21 minutes on average (67% reads about 15 minutes or less), both London Lite and thelondonpaper are read 17 minutes by the average reader (77% reads 15 minutes or less).

Although it was suggested in the comments that this is caused by the content, I think that it also has to do with the fact that many trips don’t last much longer than 20 minutes. Readers in the evening are more tired, while they may have checked the news online during office hours as well.

On Saturdays the paid papers are read much more, ranging from 33 minutes (the Daily Star) to 90 minutes (The Daily Telegraph).

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    There seems to be a dispute concerning the NRS: