Two editions of 24timer (Denmark) closed

Last edition of 24timer XtraThe Danish newspaper market is going through a fast circulation decline. Paid circulation dropped with almost 25% in the last ten years, from 1.6 million in 1997 to 1.2 million in 2007 – free circulation is going down even faster.

What started as a series of rapid launches of free dailies between August and October 2006, soon developed into a series of closures that were even more spectacular.

The last closures are 24timer in Odense and Aalborg last Friday as MediaWatch (in Danish) reported. The editions each had a circulation of around 20,000.

In 2006 three national free dailies launched: Dato (Berlingske, Mecom), 24timer (JP/Politiken) and Nyhedsavisen (Icelandic 365 media group). Also local free dailies launched in Aalborg (Centrum) and Copenhagen (MetroXpress evening). At that time there were already two national papers: Urban and MetroXpress and some local free papers.

The evening edition of Metro in Copenhagen closed in November 2006, Dato followed in April 2007. Local free dailies in Odense, Aarhus and Aalborg ‘merged’ with editions of 24timer in 2007. 24timer closed down the ’syd’ (Jutland) edition at the end of the year.

In May 2008 JP/Politiken, the publisher of 24timer bought 24.5% of the shares of the Danish Metro – 24timer was transferred to Metro as part of the deal. The circulation of the ‘Metro-owned’ 24timer was cut down with 50%.

In September free daily Nyhedsavisen shut down, bringing down the total circulation of free dailies to less than a million. When I talked to MediaWatch at that time I suspected by then that 24timer would be the next to go, why would Metro operate two competing free dailies? 24timer is still there, but now only with a circulation of little more than 150,000.

The Aalborg edition was operated together with local publisher Nordjyske Media, which started free paper 10minutter in 2002. In 2006 it was converted to Centrum (with a morning and an evening edition), while in July 2007 they were called 24timerCentrum.

The Odense free paper Xtra was started by Fynske Medier in 2005 while it merged with 24timer in August 2007.

In 2006 there were 10 different free dailies in Denmark with 20 editions and a total circulation of more than two million. Now there are three: Metro, Urban and 24timer each with 3 editions: Copenhagen, Arhus and national. Circulation is now less than 600,000.

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