Dutch frees win election

European newspapers on Wednesday had a too early deadline to report the news on the winner of the US election.

Dutch free daily Metro solved the problem (see previous post) by printing a special afternoon edition on that day only.

Also the other frees had a creative – although somewhat similar – approach. Spits and De Pers printed a paper with a second frontpage: the back page.

Both of them, however, had Obama on the ‘real’ front page. (Click on pictures for bigger view.)

Spits did a little better I think by making the spread one page. It had the headline: “If McCain/Obama wins, turn the paper over”.

The only other paper in the Netherlands doing something creative was new cheap tabloid NRC.next. It printed a blank page with the suggestion of downloading the story of the winner from the internet and putting it in the paper. (de Volkskrant reported this yesterday in its paper version)

None of the other paid papers did anything like this… it makes you wonder…

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