Second edition for Metro Mexico

Metro Mexico will on 6 November launch a second edition in Monterrey of Publimetro. Monterrey is Mexico’s second largest city. The initial circulation will be 60,000 copies. Publimetro Monterrey will be distributed at points along the city’s main avenues as well as at Starbucks cafes.

Robert Patterson, Executive Vice President of Metro International commented:

Publimetro has in the two and half years since its launch in Mexico City become a popular print medium with national advertisers. I am delighted that Metro Mexico will now also be able to offer its national advertisers a new high quality, good value for money solution to meet their print advertising needs in Monterrey. Metro Mexico has been profitable in 2008 and is expected to be able to finance the new Publimetro Monterrey edition from its current surplus cash holdings and the future positive operating cash flow of its Publimetro Mexico City edition.

Metro Mexico is a joint venture between Metro International SA, Inmobiliaria Torraco, S.A de CV and MX Shares, S.A. de CV. Metro International owns 49% of Metro Mexico’s shares. (Metro International)

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