FDN Newsletter 39

In the October newsletter:

  • Free dailies have an average market share of 25% in Europe
  • Launches in Romania & Switzerland (20 Minuten Friday)
  • Closures: Iceland (24 Stundir) & US (Bluffton Today)
  • Readership: Spain, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Austria
  • Free dailies in Russia
  • Madrid Manifesto: “Free press is a public good”
  • Metro: James Blunt, Q3 results
  • Ringier expands in Serbia
  • Job cuts Metro UK
  • Relaunches in Switzerland: Cash & .ch
  • US bloggers make money
  • Slovenia: Zurnal24
  • Updates: Venezuela & Portugal (Madeira)
  • Research: Spanish immigrants & Austria free dailies
  • Events: Frankfurt, Barcelona, Scottsdale

The latest issue can be downloaded from the Newsletter page.

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