Great tools 1: Google Translate

The post below links to a post in Dutch, a language not spoken by 80% of our readers. Other posts link to Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, German and Romanian sites. For most of our users useless to check as they don’t speak those languages either.

I don’t speak all of these languages – although coming from a small country where we were taught English, French and German (and Dutch of course).

In comes Google Translate, not only a great service, but also being improved on a regular basis. Talking with some readers I learned that not everyone knew about the wonders of Translate. (For some reasons it is still ‘BETA’ – like Google News – but it works excellent.)

You can translate from and to more than 30 languages. Either submit a website or some text. Even if you don’t know what language you’re dealing with, Google can detect it. When submitting a website you can surf in the language of your choice – all links open translated websites as well.

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