New .ch launched

Swiss free daily ‘.ch‘ relaunched yesterday (Wednesday 22 October) with a new design and lay-out.

The masthead now shows the logo against a bright red background, with orange and yellow as supporting colors.

Also all inside pages have changed. Today’s issue counted 36 pages, the first is part devoted to current affairs and news (Aktuell), followed by service and local news.

In terms of content, the paper is now much more focused on entertainment and light news than before. The last pages contain sports with the last page being something like a second (sports) front page.

Distribution of the five editions of .ch is now targeted at public transport. Household distribution is stopped.

On the (also redesigned) website readers can vote for the new design. So far 67% voted for ‘Super’, 20% for Okay while the rest (14%) was not too happy about the new look.

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    [...] en septiembre de 2007. Lo de siempre: nueva tipografía, nueva estructura, más color….y como señala Newspaper Innovation, un enfoque más acentuado en el entreteniento y en las noticias de carácter “ligero”. [...]