Books on Austrian free papers

Books about free publications are rare (see for some examples on the Resources page), but already in 2005 Thomas Driendl published a book on free dailies in Austria.

The book is the ‘Magisterarbeit’ (Master thesis) that Driendl did for the University of Innsbruck (Austria).

The book covers daily but mostly weekly free publications. All Austrian provinces have many of these, most of them with a long history and many faithful readers.

The market of the free weeklies and how readers value them, is the main subject of the book, although it also contains a short chapter on the first Austrian free daily U-Express.

Der Markt für Gratiszeitungen in Österreich” is published by Grin Verlag and can be ordered from their website.

The same publisher also published “Müssen Gratistageszeitungen ’schlecht’ sein?” by Peter Weihs, a short study for the Vienna University, but with more information on the case of U-Express.

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