Next Thursday, October 24, I will speak at the Blog08 conference in Amsterdam, as one of the ‘rockstars of blogs’ (their quote, not mine).

It’s partly about this blog – started in early 2005 – which runs now for almost three years and has 1500 to 2000 daily visitors.

I will disclose some secrets (tools, readers, rss, links, alerts, newsletters) but I mostly talk about what some free dailies do in terms of readers’ blogs.

I will give some examples of papers from Spain (blogs.Qué!), Switzerland (BleuBlog), Sweden (Metrobloggen) and Denmark (Urbanblog) because they really facilitate blogs on their website.

If you have any other blogs you think I should cover (or other related issues), please comment on this story.

As I covered the stories on the blogs mentioned above, I got the impression that amateur journalism is pretty rare. But blogs seem to serve some other functions for readers: personal expressions, opinions or art (writing, (photography) seem to be more popular.

Other speakers include: Hugh MacLeod – cartoonist and professional blogger on Gapingvoid, Pete Cashmore – founder and CEO of Mashable, Loren Feldman –, Tim Overdiek – Deputy Editor in Chief at NOS News, Scott Rafer – CEO of Lookery, Boris van der Ham – Member of the Dutch House of Representatives, Clo Willaerts – Blogger and marketing manager IBU at Sanoma Magazines Belgium, Nalden – influential music and lifestyle blogger who experiments with blog design on, Gabe McIntyre (aka GabeMac) – bad mother vlogger, Paul Bradshaw – Online Journalism Blog, Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten – co-founder of The Next Web Blog,

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