Spits falls for fake video

The website of free daily Spits reported today [update: SpitsNieuws deleted the item, the link does not work] on an anti-McCain video paid for by an 8-year old girl who’s selling cookies and lemonade to finance it.

Not only the editors of the website believed the story, also most of the readers fell for it. Some of them suggested that the girl sould be locked up, or called her a ‘little bitch’ or ‘fucking kid’. Ignorant editors are something to worry about, but some of the commenters are much more scary.

The video clip looks like a CNN video but the CNN-logo is showing an onion sign instead. The source is satirical US magazine The Onion (”America’s finest news source”). (Villa Media)

Also the running text under the video is proof of the fake character: “Trojan condom contest”, “Fat Batman Halloween costume”, “Weigth haunted Vagina’s”.

See below the original from LiveLeak:

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