Berliner Morgenpost weekend

The readers of the free weekly Berliner Morgenpost Wochenende-extra (Axel Springer) that was first distributed at the end of September in Berlin were greeted with “Liebe Berlinerinnen, Liebe Berliner’ and were told that they would receive the new free weekly every weekend in their mailbox, containing “the most interesting stories of this week”.

The paper in fact contains only stories that were published in the preceding week in the paid Berliner Morgenpost: “those of you who already read the Morgenpost will find many familiar stories”.

The paper also contains a TV program for the weekend and a entertainment listing for Berlin.

Two to three pages of the in total 20 pages of the paper are devoted to advertising, although one of the copies I got also had an advertising insert.

Circulation is around 1 million weekly. In Berlin the new Springer free weekly competes with Berliner Abendblatt (Berliner Verlag GmbH, 1.2 million copies). Springer also is publishing the free Berliner Woche (1.46 million copies) in the German capital.

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