The Zurnal24 case

Simona Zavratnik and Tomaz Bergoc from Zurnal24 in Slovenia were presenting on the last day of the Madrid free press conference last week.

Zurnal started as a free weekly, but being only 3rd in the market in 2003. The owner (Austrian Styria Medien) decided in 2007 not to change circulation, but to change strategy and to launch a daily: Zurnal24 from Monday to Friday.

The paper started with a circulation 110,000 handed out on the streets (115,000 now) and increased circulation to 290,000 in the weekend.

The daily is distributed in 30 cities at 6 AM, by 8:00 AM 99.8 percent of the papers are taken. The paper has a readership of 201,000, which makes it the second in the market. 60% of the readers are under 40.

Zurnal24 will introduce electronic box registration so the optimum number of papers can be calculated for each separate newspaper box.

The weekend Zurnal is delivered in 5 editions by mail, and also arrives very early in the morning at the doorstep of the readers.

One Response to “The Zurnal24 case”

  1. Marek.Miller Says:

    It must have been the same presentation as in Vienna last week durinig the INMA conference. A very interesting case!