Total make-over for .ch

Swiss free daily .ch – launched in September 2007 – will go through a total make-over at the end of this month.

Home delivery will be stopped altogether. Distribution will be in public transport mainly from now on. Also competitors 20 Minuten and News are mainly available in public transport, which will probably lead to more readers per copy than home delivery. The number of boxes will increase from 650 to 2000.

Sacha Wigdorovits, founder and director of the paper will step down at the same time. (Interview in Persoenlich)

The paper had 204,000 readers in the first months of 2008, with a circulation of 370,000 this is far below 1 reader per copy.

Also the content will change at the end of this month, focusing on news and entertainment Рmixing light and serious information. A new design by Katja H̦sli will be introduced as well.

On 28 October the capital will be increased from CHF 10 million to CHF 18 million. (Persoenlich)

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