TexMex free daily Al Día

Alfredo Carbajal, Editor-in-chief of Dallas free daily Al Día talked at the Madrid free press conference last week about the change from paid to free that his paper made in the last years.

More than 5 million people live in the the Dallas area, 1.2 million of those belong to the Spanish speaking population.

In September 2003 Al Día was launched as a paid paper with 60% home delivered. The cover price was 25c. In 2005 hybrid model was introduced, with free distribution in racks, but in 2007 the paper went all-free. The move meant less marketing costs, no costs for subscription and less promotion costs.

In 2008 Al Día increased distribution to 40,000 – and to 120,000 on Wednesdays and Saturdays – on these days most advertising campaigns of retailers begin. The paper contains om these days popular shopping coupons.

Distribution is controlled by equipping vans with a GPS–system, so drivers and routes can be checked. The distribution costs of Al Día are now around 15c per copy.

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