The Cofina case

At the free press conference in Madrid, Cofina’s Francisco Pinto Barbosa talked about what he called the ‘2nd generation free dailies’. Cofina launched commuter free paper Destak as weekly in September 2001 and converted it to a daily in November 2004. In July 2006 they launched Destak in Sao Paulo Brasil, Rio followed a year later.

Meia Hora was the first 2nd generation free daily in Portugal, where more than 50% of total circulation is already free. The paper targetted an up-market audicence, and had a focus on politics, economics, and international news. It also contained more opinions. But just as ‘general’ free dailies, Meia Hora contains mostly short articles.

Destak is for 80% distributed in public transport, 15% is handed out at traffic lights. Also Meia Hora uses this (typically Portuguese?) distribution method: 30% is distributed at traffic lights. The rest is mostly distributed at drop-offs at institutions and businesses. Distribution is 70,000 – readership 208,000.

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