DNews, the fifth Italian free daily

Edoardo Lucheschi, Director of Strategies of the fifth general Italian free daily Dnews, explained the 1st World Congress of Free Press, why anyone with a sane mind would publish a new free daily in an already saturated market: “am I a genius or completely loco?” he asked the audience.

Italy has already four general free newspapers: Metro, Leggo, City and E Polis, while there is also a free business paper: 24Minuti, and some local models.

Mr. Lucheschi said his newspaper wanted to do something very different, not only in content but also in distribution.

DNews prints more pages than most other papers: 48 pages in full color. The paper tries to be complete with national and international news, but mainly focussing on local news.

At least 12 pages are devoted to local news for every edition in Milan, Rome, Verona and Bergamo.

The local model is better according to Mr. Lucheschi because local advertising is more stable and reliable than national advertising. Local sales is done by the paper itself, national advertisng is handled by the PRS group.

Distribution is not only in public transport but also in bars, coffee shops, bakkeries and pastry shops.

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