Metro and Spits 2nd and 3rd in the Netherlands

After paid paper De Telegraaf (2.2 million), Metro is second in the latest Dutch readership research (2007/2008) with 1.8 million. Spits is third with 1.7 million readers.

Paid paper AD has 1.5 million daily readers. Free papers De Pers (900,000 readers) and DAG – last issue to be published tomorrow – (700,000 readers), follow on 5th and 6th place.

Both Metro and Spits, however, lost readers compared to the previous period (2007). The new titles De Pers and DAG gained some readers but as the last title is closed down, readership of the remaining three is likely to go up in the next period.

Paid papers are read 30 minutes, free papers take up 15 minutes of their readers’ time.

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