Madrid conference

Tomorrow the 1st Free Newspapers Conference in Madrid takes off. I will talk about the development, performance and challenges for free newspapers and discuss this with professor Fernando Martínez-Vallvey.

Fernando González Urbaneja, President of the Asociación de la Prensa de Madrid will chair a session with Arsenio Escolar (20 Minutos), Carlos Salas (Metro), Albert Montagut (ADN) and Ana I. Pereda (Que!) to discuss the present state of free newspapers in Spain.

Per Mikael Jensen, CEO of Metro International will talk about the strategy of his company in the afternoon.

More European developments will be discussed later by Concha Minguela, (Gente, Madrid), Gonzalo Gutiérrez Blanco (Lati2), Manuel Ponce, (Crónica del Sureste) and Silvia Garambois (Colosseo, Italy).

In the evening there will be presentations on the US (Scott Patterson, AFCP) and the Dominican Republic (Adriano Miguel Tejada, Diario Libre).

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