Examiners’ Endorse McCain

Almost no European free dailies would ever publish a political editorial, let alone endorse a political candidate. For US-papers this has always been different, although free dailies in general, keep away from too much political affiliation, as they are targeting a general public.

But not the Examiner, the free daily owned by right-wing Denver billionaire Philip Anschutz. On the SF frontpage (25 September) it made no secret of its preferences.

The SF paper put McCain and Sarah Palin on the cover, with a headline declaring: “Honest budgets, lower taxes, strength abroad.”

The editorial speaks of “enriching America’s place in a dangerous world” which could be trusted in the hands of McCain.

Also the Washington Examiner endorsed McCain (E&P). In Baltimore they still have to make up their mind.

Of course… the US economy moving towards a total meltdown… and then promising “lower taxes” and “enriching America’s place” …

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