Politico from 3 to 4

Washington-based website/free daily Politico (USA), launched in 2007, is considering to expand its print edition from 3 to 4 days a week in 2009.

The paper is now distributed to offices on Capitol Hill when Congress is in session from Tuesday to Thursday with a circulation of 26,000. Circulation will rise to 32,000.

The launch of the extra day will coincide with a redesign of the Politico website. More staff members will be hired in the operation, which will increase total staff to more than a 100.

The website is attracting more than 3 million unique visitors per month but according to the New York Times, most revenues are still coming from the paper edition – which might be a lesson for the true believers in online-only (via EditorsWeblog, E&P, Politico)

PS: always good to read the – often hostile – comments on Politico. Nice job this blogging.

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