WAZ won’t go Springer’s way

German publisher Axel Springer is launching a free weekly today in Berlin. WAZ (the second German publisher) CEO, Christian Nienhaus, formerly employed by Springer, does not see anything in Springer’s strategy.

He doesn’t believe that the new paper will attract too much readers. The main reason for the launch would be to distribute special section. To use Deutsche Post as distributor is also a mistake according to Nienhaus. After the unlucky PIN-adventure and the plan of the German Post to launch a free dail of their own, publisgers should not support the Post.

And free dailies in itself are a mistake as well:

Sollten einmal Gratiszeitungen, etwa nach dem Vorbild von Metro oder 20 Minuten, zu uns kommen, werden wir aggressiv reagieren. Wir haben fertige Pläne in der Schublade.

(When free daily like Metro or 20 Minutes will come to Germany, we will react with aggression. We have detailed plans ready.) (Süddeutsche)

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