Metro moves up in Canada

Free daily Metro has almost 1.1 million readers in the six largest Canadian markets. Competitor 24 hours/heures has 876,000 daily readers. Only in Vancouver 24 hours has more readers than Metro. Only in Toronto one of the free dailies is one of the two best-read papers.

Metro surpassed the Toronto Sun (462,000 readers) and is now the second best-read paper (471,000 readers) in Toronto after the Toronto Star (930,000 readers).

Free daily 24 heures had 319,000 daily readers according to the latest NADbank survey (Fall 2007 & Spring 2008) and is 5th after the Globe and Mail (396,000 readers). All papers except Metro and the Sun lost readers compared to the full 2007 survey.

In Montreal Metro is 3rd (325,000) after Le Journal de Montréal and La Presse. 24 heures is 5th (210,000) after The Gazette. Only this last paper and Metro gained readers.

In Ottawa-Gatineau the French language 24 heures stopped publication, its English counterpart 24 hours had 34,000 readers (like in the previous period), which makes it the 6th paper, Metro had 68,000 readers (down from 71,000) and is the 4th paper. The Ottawa Citizen, The Ottawa Sun and Le Droit are the best-read papers.

In Vancouver 24 hours is 3rd (234,000 readers) after The Vancouver Sun and The Province but before Metro (144,000). All papers but The Sun gained readers.

Paid papers Calgary Herald and Calgary Sun are the best-read papers in Calgary. Metro is 3rd (44,000 readers),  24 hours is 6th after The Globe and Mail and the National Post.

In Edmonton the Edmonton Journal and Edmonton Sun lead before Metro (40,000 readers) and 24 hours (35,000 readers). The Metro Halifax data are not in the press release.

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